Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grateful for Flowers

I am grateful for flowers.  I love to see flowers bloom.  The first crocus blooming through snow is such a delight.  The tulips, daffodils and other springtime flowers bring hope for the coming growing season.  The blossom covered fruit trees are so beautiful to see.  As the year goes on irises, gladiolas, lilies, tiger lilies and other flowers provide so much color.  Later in the summer marigolds and sunflowers are plentiful. 

Flowers add so much beauty to the world.  When someone give you flowers it truly uplifts your spirits.  A bouquet of flowers can say I love you or thank you or thinking of you or I'm sorry.  A friend gave me a bouquet of mixed flowers that she grew herself when I was recovering from injuries from an accident.  I've wanted to be like her and be able to give flowers that I've grown myself.  Unfortunately I don't have her ability and skill.  Still I do have some pretty marigolds and sunflowers growing outside.  I am grateful for how much joy flowers bring into our lives.

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