Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grateful for a Clean Garbage Cart

Today I am grateful for a clean garbage cart.  Over the weekend one of my neighbors decided to do some painting.  After finishing painting my neighbor deposited the empty paint cans and the used paint brush in my garbage cart.  The neighbor also used a couple of the wooden slats from my chain link gate as paint stirring sticks.  There was a clump of white paint and a patch of green paint dumped on the ground close to my fence.  Some white and green paint was also flung on the fence and cement along the back of my yard.  My garbage cart was also splattered with white and green paint, and inside the paintbrush was stuck to the bottom of my cart.  I work for the Utilities in our town, so when I went to work I told my supervisor what had happened.  Today the garbage crew picked up my multi-colored garbage cart and steam cleaned it.  When they brought it back it looked almost new again.  So today I am very grateful to my supervisor and the garbage crew for a clean garbage cart.

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