Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grateful for Sewers

Tomorrow I will not have a sewer.  It is just suppose to be for the day as they are replacing the sewer line in back of my house.  There have been a lot of plugs in line up the street and down the street from me.  Fortunately I haven't had a real problem in my house, but replacing the line should be a blessing for everyone on the street.

I have to get up and get a shower, wash dishes or do whatever uses the sewer before 7 a.m.  Then for the rest of the day I have to use a pan or bucket to catch any water so it doesn't go down the drain.  They are furnishing port-a-potties out on the street.  It reminds me of having an outhouse instead of a bathroom.  Of course port-a-potties are much nicer than outhouses.

It just reminds me of how much I take things for granted like having a working sewer.  I am grateful to have a working sewer, and I will be even more grateful once the sewer line has been replaced and I can have a working sewer again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grateful for a Working Cooler

It stayed cool this spring.  A lot of people complained that we were never going to have summer.  They should know better.  We have summer now. 

A friend offered to get my cooler going before it started to warm up.  He and his brothers were selling their business.  They've had a lot more to do in transferring the business to the new owners than they thought they would.  I haven't said much more about my cooler because of the stress he's under. 

Another friend called up this morning and said he'd heard my cooler wasn't working yet.  He asked if I would like for him to come over and get it going.  I was very grateful for his call.  It is really nice to sit with a cool breeze blowing gently over me.  It is wonderful compared to the past few days.  I am so grateful for a friend who thought of me and got my cooler working.   

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grateful for the Savior's Great Love

Today is Easter.  I am so grateful for the Savior's great love for us.  He took upon himself all of our pains, sufferings, sins and problems, so we can turn to him and have our burdens removed from us.  I am so grateful that he cared enough to do that for us and that because of the Atonement we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Anonymous Gift

Today in the mail I got an anonymous gift.  It looked like a card had been sent to me, but the return address was my address too.  When I opened it there was a nice card, but inside the card was $25.00.  The card was signed Your Friend.  I haven't been able to pay all that I owe and this $25.00 would make a difference.  Tears came to my eyes to think that someone cared enough about me to send me $25.00 to help out and that they didn't want me to be able to thank them.  With an anonymous gift you have to assume it could be any one that knows you and knows your mailing address.  That makes for a lot of people that you can suspect of doing such a kind act.  Today I am grateful for such a wonderful friend.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grateful for Safe Drinking Water

When a main water line breaks, all of a sudden you gain a new appreciation for running water and safe drinking water.  About a week ago the main water line in the alley behind my home broke.  For a time the only running water at my house was in the alley behind my house.  It really makes a difference when you can just turn on a tap and have water in your house.  It only took a few hours to get the repair made and water flowing back into the houses.  But the water had to be tested and that involved a waiting time for the results to come back.  A boil water notice was on my door warning me to not use the water for drinking or cooking until the results came back.  I truly appreciated those who worked so hard to get the water back flowing into my house, not down the alley.  It was wonderful when I could finally drink the water again.  I truly do appreciate safe running water. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grateful for Springtime Flowers

I haven't done much cleaning outside in my yard since the weather has been so cold.  A couple of days ago when I let my dog back in the house I spotted some yellow color peeking through grass and leaves.  These crocuses had just bloomed.  I love the first sign of springtime flowers.  They give me hope for new things to grow as the weather starts to warm up.  I am so grateful for the first signs of spring.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Green Room - 2011 Tapping World Summit

I am grateful for these sessions that are available for twenty four hours after the initial webcast. I have been listening to the following tonight, and I am grateful for the help that is available here in overcoming my financial problems.

The Green Room - 2011 Tapping World Summit

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Grateful for a Car that is Still Running

Well over a year ago the mechanic I have had work on my car advised me that the car's timing chain was in danger of breaking at any time. He was going to do a complete tuneup, but he stopped when he discovered the chain's problem. He advised me to start looking for another car since thirty year old car is probably not worth putting close to a thousand dollars into one repair. So I don't know how long my car will still working, but it is still working. I am so grateful especially on cold winter days when the car starts, and I can drive it to work or to where I need to go. What a great blessing it is that the car still works, and I am so very thankful.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I first heard about the poem this movie is made from at a funeral of a friend. When I saw this movie I remembered the poem. I am grateful for what is taught about the important things in life in this movie. If you want to see the movie scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on replay movie. I'm not sure why this link doesn't take you directly to the movie, but you can still get there by going to the bottom of the page you land on with the following link. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I do.