Friday, October 1, 2010

Grateful for Phones

I am grateful for phones.  When I was twelve years old our family didn't have a telephone.  We lived a mile outside of town.  There were no homes between our home and town.  We did have a neighbor only half a mile away in the opposite direction.  A telephone hadn't been a really important thing to my parents until the day we had a fire.  We had thousands of chickens and we sold their eggs.  My dad had two older coops and he had built a new bigger coop that was easier to clean.  On a hot August afternoon the straw stack next to the new coop caught fire.  It spread to the coop.  When the fire was discovered my dad told my sister who had her driver's license to drive to town and call the fire department.  The rest of the family tried spraying and pouring water on the fire to put it out.  Unfortunately it spread through the coop.  The fire engines arrived too late to save the coop.  However they were able to save the older coops, the corrals, the grainery and our home.  If we had had a phone help would have gotten to us sooner.  So my parents decided it was time to get a phone.

Phones have become a necessity.  With a phone you can call for help when you need it.  If some one is sick, some one is breaking into your house or you have a fire or other disaster, you can help right away.  Cell phones have also made it possible to communicate while traveling.  Flat rate plans also make it easier to call and visit without worrying about how many minutes you have talked and how much it will cost.  I am grateful for phones.

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