Sunday, September 23, 2012

I have neglected writing in this blog for over a year now. Life is busy, and I thought I didn't have time to write this blog. I have been thinking, though, that I can't get too busy to be grateful. Taking just a few moments to comment on something I am grateful for could help to change my focus in life, so I am starting to write again. Even if no one ever reads this, I know it will help me to focus more on the positive in my life. If you read this blog, please feel free to comment on what you are grateful for. Some of the things I appreciate you may also be grateful for. Take a moment to just say, "Yes, Me too", or expand your comments further. So today I am particularly grateful for a bishop who cares whether I have water or not. About a week ago one of my outside faucets broke and wouldn't turn off. I had a unending stream of water flowing through the garden hose. I tried to figure out how to stop the flow of the water, but I didn't have anything that would plug the hose or the faucet. It was 7 p.m. on a Saturday night, so I called for Utilities' standby person to come turn my water off at the meter. I had bottles of water in my house which I felt could kept me going until at least Monday when it would be more reasonable to get help. My bishop found out about my not having water on Sunday, and on Monday after he got off work he came over to look at my faucet. Within an hour he had the pipe capped off under the house so I could have water again. He saw an need and a way that he could fix it, and he took care of my problem. I am so grateful for his kindness.

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